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Ideas for Including Islands in Kitchens with Minimal Space

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Not all property owners are privileged with a lot of space in their kitchens. However, your kitchen should not be non-functional or look dull just because it is small. There are various elements you can include in your small kitchen to transform it into a design element and increase its functionality. One of the most inexpensive elements is an island.

Since islands were a preserve of large kitchens in the past, most people do not understand how to include them when they remodel their small kitchens of their homes in Fort Wayne. For them, it seems like a counterintuitive option since it takes up their already minimal floor space. The benefits it offers in terms of more work surfaces and storage and sitting space, however, make an island one of the best picks for small kitchens. Here are some ideas to make an island work for your kitchen:

Go utilitarian

Most homeowners associate kitchen islands with endless rows of stone or wood. This in most cases is expensive and locks out most people from getting a kitchen island. The inexpensive option is to construct your kitchen island from stainless steel. Stainless steel islands will lend your kitchens a utilitarian look. You can include a butcher block on the island’s top to give you a less industrial look and enhance the island’s usability. In a small kitchen, the reflective nature of a stainless steel island also creates the illusion of bountiful space.

Position the island perpendicularly to a wall or cabinets

If you lack enough space for a floating island in your kitchen, install it next to your wall or kitchen cabinets. The cabinets or the wall can act as the support for one end of your island. As such, the island’s construction costs are reduced. You can transform the kitchen space by providing a bar space on your island and increase its space by minimizing the items you place on it.

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Opt for a minimalist look

A small kitchen might feel cramped when stuffed with a heavy-looking kitchen island. To avoid this, choose a high-top and streamlined kitchen island. To achieve a minimalist look, avoid islands with shelves or storage but rather just streamlined beautiful legs. Though this will affect the space of your kitchen, it will make your kitchen feel and look expansive.

Be colorful

Small kitchens often feel dull and cramped. A splash of color on your island will significantly avert this and turn your kitchen into one that energizes you to cook mouth-watering dishes. The best options for those looking for a splash of color are warm colors such as red, orange, and teal.

The ideas mentioned above might look easy to implement. In fact, there are various online tutorials on how to include them in your kitchen. They are not, however, this easy. DIY kitchen remodeling will only achieve a less-than-optimal kitchen look and might damage various existing elements in your kitchen. For the best remodeled look and function, opt for professional kitchen builders. Luckily, the price for hiring a professional is minimal because of your small space. The project also takes minimum time.

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