The Most Important Questions About Rodent Control Answered by Extermination Experts

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Rodents gnaw at anything they can reach. The problem with having plenty of rodents in the property is that they can easily get their hands on anything. Rats and mice can go through any hole they can wiggle their heads into, and that is a good tidbit of trivia to know. That is until you realize they have gotten through a small hole in your closet and have gnawed on your clothes.

Any rodent control program works only if the interventions are based on known and proven facts. You can start fighting off mice and rats and actually win if you do it smartly, and you can start learning about these pests here.

What are the best natural rat and mice repellents?

Before calling for a residential pest control service in San Juan, most homeowners try to get rid of the problem themselves. It seems easy enough until they realize that one mouse caught in a trap is just one of a possibly hundred-strong colony. This is why experts suggest using repellants.

For starters, there are certain smells proven to turn away rodents. Peppermint is a good example, as its potent smell is a natural rodent deterrent.

Perhaps there is also no better natural rat deterrent than a cat. There is nothing like the presence of a nocturnal predator naturally engineered to hunt and kill rats to deter them from entering your property. If you’re unaware, there are dogs that can hunt and kill mice, too. That’s a helpful tidbit of trivia if you’re not exactly a cat person.

What kinds of lures are best?

mouse traps

The question you must ask instead is where to place the lure. To reiterate, rodents must find no reason to enter your property. It makes more sense to place lures beyond your property line. While patching holes and getting rid of items that attract rodents in your home, you can plan lure placement outside. Bait boxes are available in hardware stores and home improvement websites. If there is an area you strongly suspect to be the nest, then you can place the lures there and hope for the best.

How do you prevent access?

Pay attention to cracks and holes where mice and rats could possibly enter. Experts stress the importance of this guideline. It’s often difficult to remove rodents from a property, especially when their colony has already established and they have plenty of sources of food. As such, you must invest time and resources in preventing access. Make it difficult for them to enter your home.

Lastly, removing prime attractors will help you win the age-old fight against rodents. Food placed in open storage attracts mice, and if you have plenty of food lying around and ready for the taking you are inviting trouble. Place food in sealed containers, clean up after yourself, and place the trash bin away from the walls of your home. Keeping your counters and tabletops free of crumbs and food scraps is another way to discourage these harmful and destructive pests.

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