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Moving to Never-Never Land

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After enduring the hubbub of the big city, you might find yourself wanting to live somewhere else where you can have more quiet time for yourself. Maybe you might even start thinking about moving to a place in the outback. But how will you fare out there? Will you be able to adjust from city living to country living easily?

Reading this might be of help.

Cost of living

land for sale in the outback could be cheaper, as well as any kind of property you might fancy. Although, since businesses serve smaller populations and transporting goods can be difficult, the prices for most things in the outback might be more expensive than in the city. There is not much to worry about though, since the wages for jobs in the outback (especially in the mining industry) could easily make up for the prices of goods.

You might also think mining, farming and tending cattle are all the options you have for work. If you decide to stay in a larger centre, there could be opportunities in tourism, education and the public sector awaiting you.


Country home with grass roofThe isolation might be a great part in why you want to move to the country. You may find peace and quiet to be quite elusive in the city, but you could be overwhelmed by how isolated outback living can get. One of the things about rural life which you should really prepare for is the isolation.

Stepping into the place might feel as though you are taking a step back in time. Shops and services are not as accessible as they are in the city, so you might have to learn to be more self-reliant in doing housework and fieldwork should you be staying in a farm. Always make sure that you have ample supply of food, water and fuel. There might even be no power in your area unless you are living in a town, so you would have to run a generator to keep supplies fresh.


In most rural towns, everyone knows each other since there might be just a few people around. Although you may chance to be in a welcoming neighbourhood, it could take you some time to be fully accepted into the community. You may find the culture in the outback a lot different from what you are used to, so you should keep an open mind when interacting with your neighbours.

People in the outback can be very friendly and helpful though. When you are driving, they might wave at you, so make sure to wave back. Most of the time, they are quick to help in times of emergency too.

The environment in the outback can be pretty harsh, but there is much beauty to be found there. The same goes for outback life. Just like how it usually is when starting anew in a different place, adjusting to the rural life could take a while. Life might be simpler there, but the connections you can make with others, with the land and even with yourself could just be deeper than those you made in the city.

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