Smart Domestic Plumbing Solutions for Small Clogs and Massive Blockages

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Clogged lines in a common plumbing problem in American homes, and if you want to intervene immediately there are two options available. The use of a plumbing snake is widespread, but already hydro jetting is becoming the first choice among plumbers in Salt Lake City. Which method should you use and when?

Recurring clogs

A plumbing system is prone to clogs. Anything from tissue paper to clogged roots can lead to your toilet backing up. Meanwhile, sink drains are often encumbered by food particles and grease deposits. Of course, you can prevent blockages by not flushing sanitary products, and by not pouring used oil down the kitchen sink. If the problem is already there, you must be ready to troubleshoot and prevent too much disruption in everyday activities.

Clog removal with high water pressure

A plumber is the most qualified person to remove clogs in the drainage system with high-pressure jets of water. The procedure requires a tank of water, a special type of hose, and a machine that can pressurize water from the tank. The principle used is to flush clogged debris from the bottom up. As such, the hose enters the system from the downstream component. Performing the procedure the wrong way, such as using too high or too low water pressure, could damage the pipeline and lead to bigger problems. Too much pressure can destroy parts of the pipeline given the immense potential of high-pressure water to cause damage. Typical applications of hydro jetting involve delivery of as much as 20 gallons of water per minute at 5,000 psi or higher. The dislodged debris flows out of an opening or clearout.

As the interior surfaces receive the high-pressure flow of water, any deposits along the pipes are flushed as well. This procedure is highly recommended for pipelines that suffer from years of buildup resulting in a sluggish flow. It offers fast and favorable results, and various types of nozzles are available. Aside from removing huge blockages that cannot be dislodged using common plumbing tools, this procedure is a good way to clean the pipes and restore uninterrupted flow throughout the system.

When snakes or augers are enough

Plumbing pipes

While it may seem like a great idea to employ hydro jetting whenever there is a blockage in the plumbing system, the use of augers or snakes is still favored for mild to moderate problems. The cable extends downward to the area of the blockage as you work the cable at the other end. This simple yet effective tool is still the first offensive against clogs, particularly for kitchen and bathroom drains. If you are using a plumbing snake, remember that the J-shaped tool is especially intended for toilets. Meanwhile, the straight tube is for kitchen sinks.

Accumulated gunk and debris pose a danger to your drains. The peace of your home will be disrupted when a toilet or a kitchen sink is out of order. There’s no need to fret if you have a reliable plumbing snake. For more stubborn clogs, you may avail of hydro jetting services from your friendly neighborhood plumbing expert.

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