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Three Reasons Creativity Is Important in Any Business

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In the list of traits an entrepreneur must have, creativity is something that’s often overlooked or completely ignored. On the surface, it’s hard to place where a colorful imagination fits in business. In fact, when you already have the financial expertise, strategic perspective and interpersonal skills in running a company, you’re left to ask, would you really need creativity? The short answer is yes.

Here are the reasons thinking outside the box is a skill so important in business.

It keeps you open to opportunities

Since creativity lets you be more pliable to discovery, you’re not just sensitive to your own ideas, but to others’ as well. Creative people are curious to know what interests other people. This quality is very important in entrepreneurship because it’s what leads people to emerging trends, which could be promising opportunities.

If you don’t have the attitude and habit of being open to opportunities yet, find yourself a seasoned entrepreneur who can guide you. Some starting entrepreneurs who take the less-risky route of franchising find this in the person of franchisors. Perhaps you can try this yourself, as you decide on starting a painting business or a co-working space endeavor.

Another way you can open up yourself to opportunities is to get a hobby. Sometimes, your favorite pastimes will take you to different experiences, which will expose you to other people’s interests. So go ahead, take that mural painting or baking class. Explore your hobbies.

It generates a business idea

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Creativity gives birth to ideas, to the “next big thing.” For sure, you’ve heard of so many businesses borne out of Eureka moments in the shower or the wild what-ifs. What if there’s a workplace where freelancers can work, not at home, not at a coffee shop, and different professionals from different industries can come together? The answer: co-working space businesses. What if people can shop for clothes or shoes without going outside, only by using their phones? The answer: e-commerce businesses.

Of course, these mentioned are already a norm today, but at the time they were emerging, no one was thinking they’d make it big, except for the creative entrepreneurs who conceived of such ideas. This proves that you need to think outside the box to get in touch with ideas, explore gaps and ultimately, know which businesses you can start.

It spreads to other people

The thing about creativity is that it’s contagious. If you start channeling creativity in exploring ideas or finding ways to expand your product line or services, you’d soon discover that the people around you, your team, are picking up on this skill as well. You want that ingrained your organizational culture, regardless of the industry you’re in, so you’ll have more people looking out for ideas and opportunities and seizing Eureka moments. Spend time coaching your team and sharpen each other’s creativity. Prioritize the classic creativity booster, brainstorming sessions in your organization.

Creativity is a must-have quality of entrepreneurs. Remember, you can’t just be a financial expert or a strategic thinker when running a business. You have to be a creative genius as well.

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