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Statement Ceilings to Continue Making its Mark in 2019

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Statement ceilings made a splash in the interior design community in 2018. It was a fantastic way to add drama, personality, and bold designs to any room. You had a broad range of options to make an eye-catching and memorable ceiling, from wallpapers and paintings to textures and sculptures. Because of its various options and adaptability, designers, artists, and other industry tastemakers predict its continued popularity in 2019.

Wallpaper Statement Ceilings

Wallpaper Warehouse states that wallpapers are a quick way to transform the style of your room. It’s also a cost-efficient alternative to personalized murals for homeowners on a tight budget. Moreover, pre-pasted and peel-and-stick types of wallpapers make do-it-yourself interior design projects easy. Even a beginner could do it.

Wallpapered ceilings add a touch of romance and subtle grandeur to a room. Subtle floral or organic patterns and faux marble designs carry a fresh yet whimsical appeal. Metallic wallpapers, meanwhile, amps up the glamor and adds depth. Geometric patterns, floral patterns, and tribal designs are the three patterns you’ll see more of next year, too.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a wallpaper design, narrow down your choices. A good place to start are ones with a similar shade to your wall. Using those gives the room’s design a more seamless and cohesive flow.

Artistically Painted Ceilings

A simple but skillfully painted ceiling makes an impact. Painting the ceiling using the color of the year and keeping a neutral look for the walls is an effective but common technique for statement ceilings. Don’t settle for the formulaic, though. Go one step further with an artistic painting, instead.

Muraled ceilings are one of the most difficult and time-consuming types of statement ceilings. Since you’d likely need to hire a professional to do it, it also costs more money compared to covering the ceiling with wallpapers. The results more than pay off your efforts, though.

If you’re confident enough in your artistic skills, then by all means, paint your ceiling. Try to capture the feeling of a scene you want to depict rather than being more direct. With the right color combination, a simple ombre evokes the same feeling as looking at a picture of blue skies and puffy clouds.

Pro tip: when painting your ceiling, it’s best to use lacquered or glossy paint. The reflections from these types of paint make your ceiling look higher than it actually is. Take note, too, that the limited amount of light shining on your ceiling makes any colors you use appear darker.

Sculptured and Textured Ceilings

wooden and textured ceiling

These types of statement ceilings are not commonly seen in conventional home designs. Applying it to yours, especially in the living room, not only packs a punch but makes for a great conversation-starter.

You can make a simple textured ceiling design with drywall compound and paint roller. Sculptured relief textures or three-dimensional designs is achievable with drywall compound, as well. Combining an understated texture with a pop of color makes a great accent ceiling. Choose a light fixture that will complement it and throw the texture into sharp relief.

If you want to go all out, consider a seamless wall-to-ceiling sculpture. Artistic light fixtures and hanging accents create amazing statement ceilings, too. The best part about this is that you can do all that while still keeping other interior design choices understated. They are perfect for minimalist homeowners, in fact. A large design or repeating pattern gives the illusion of taking up space.

Aim high when decorating your ceiling. Remember, re-imagined ceilings alone can transform a space entirely. It makes the room more memorable and unique.

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