The Revival of Wallpapering Ceilings: How to Get the Right Look

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selection of wallpaper for the ceiling

Wallpaper is making a comeback and things are looking up — literally. The revival of this decorative element for ceilings is gaining popularity once again. As Wallpaper Warehouse shares, wallpaper is beautiful and affordable, two qualities that can make your ceiling the latest eye candy in your home.

Wallpapering Ceilings is a Growing Popularity

The Washington Post reports that the renewed interest in wall coverings comes from style bloggers, Instagram, and shows on HGTV. At the core of this popularity is also a kind of rebellion, according to the report. It seems designers and home owners are looking to break free from the sterile whites and neutrals of the ‘90s.

You’ll have plenty of options on patterns and colors in using paper for your ceilings. What’s more, paper is the cost-efficient alternative to paint. So get rid of the plain Jane paint on your ceiling and replace it with a design that makes a bold statement.

Personalizing the “Fifth Wall”.

Designers have been calling the ceiling as the “fifth wall.” The fifth wall has long reflected architectural, economic, and other influences of the day. For instance, low ceilings can help keep a room warm while high ceilings during the Victorian era made rooms appear larger.

But now, the fifth wall is more than that because it can stand out. Don’t box yourself in installing wallpaper in the four walls of a particular room. Let it extend through the ceiling. You can experiment with this area and dress it up with the right paper.

Man painting his ceiling white

Every room can take on a different persona. Here’s how you can make wallpaper work for your ceiling in whichever room:

  • Choose an interstellar wallpaper pattern in the dining room. The design is sure to stand out in a room filled with white walls. Top it off with a hanging chandelier for a stellar look.
  • Try applying wallpaper with metallic patterns to add some brightness in the living room. The pattern will glimmer as soon as the light touches it.
  • Moroccan print wallpaper in your entryway is a welcoming ambiance. Your guests will be in awe as soon as they see your incredibly stylish entry way.
  • Add drama to your dining room with floral wallpaper. It will make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, feel like fine dining in a garden.

You can be more adventurous in trying out other patterns, colors, and designs. The key is to add visual depth in a particular room.

Here are the three basic types of wallpaper you may opt for:

  • Pre-pasted wallpaper: It comes with an adhesive backing.
  • Paste the wall wallpaper: You can install it by applying glue to the wall, not on the paper.
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper: Install it by removing the paper’s backing a foot at a time as you put the wallpaper into place. Also, it’s reusable.

You have a great opportunity to use this interior design trend to your advantage. All you have to do is look up, consider your options for wallpaper patterns and colors — and get ready to transform a lacklustr ceiling into a stunning feature.

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