Taking Care of Your Senior’s Move to Your Home

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a woman helping an elderly to stand up

Now that an elderly member of your family is going to live in your home, you are responsible for taking care of the transfer. You need to arrange the moving service and deal with the expenses associated with the relocation. Because they are too old to help with the packing, loading, and unloading of essential items, you are left with the responsibility of making all the preparations.

It might seem difficult at first, but help from your friends and the rest of the family can reduce the pressure. Follow these guidelines to lighten the burden and ensure a smooth relocation process:

Prepare the House

Your senior family member should be comfortable enough in your home despite their possible health and mobility issues. Before making any arrangement, look at the possible changes needed to improve your house, such as your senior’s future bedroom, the bathroom, and the stairs. You can also start going over their things and see which can be transferred along with them and which can go for sale, for charity, or for storage.

Safety is of utmost importance. Make sure your house is free from any type of safety hazard before letting your elderly loved one move in. You can install mobility ramps or buy a walk-in bathtub to make things easier for them. If you have slippery floors or bathroom tiles, consider remodeling them to make your house more senior-friendly. Slips and falls are among the leading causes of injuries among the elderly.

Set a Schedule

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Once everything is set up, you can ask your senior family member about the best day for his or her move. Look for a moving van lines company with friendly and accommodating staff since they would need to work with an elderly client. You can also contact other relatives and friends for any assistance on the date that you’ve agreed on. They can help you with the preparations, packing, and the actual activities during the move.

Prepare Your Elderly Loved One

Talk to your loved one about the upcoming move and set their expectations. You can explain how the relocation will go and what type of setup you will have at home. Make sure they know how much you love them and that you are happy that they will be living with you. It would be good for them to know that you are willing to share your home with them and you are excited to do so.

Arrange a Cleanup Drive

When you’re finished with the relocation, tidy up your elderly’s old home. If possible, you can even have it repaired just so it can be considered livable and marketable. If you can’t hire a cleaning company, you can organize a group cleanup day with all volunteering friends and family members. Serve drinks and snacks to keep everyone’s energy up and running.

Other than overseeing how your senior loved one will be comfortable in your home, you should take care of what will happen to the things they have left behind. Keep them posted on their old home’s status, so they won’t feel left out. This can be a surprisingly challenging time for them, so they will need your full attention and support.

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