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Top 4 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Work

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Garage doors offer convenience to homeowners, allowing them to protect their properties, while still adding value and looks to their homes. The best part is that garage doors protect your cars from extreme weather conditions such as UV rays and freezing. Since you use your garage door at least two times in a day, you need it in perfect condition. As such, regular care and maintenance are critical.

You have just come home from work, and you want to get in relax. Or you are running late for work, and you rush into your car, but the garage door fails to open. It is one of the most frustrating things you don’t want to deal with, yet it happens to most people. Garage doors are subject to wear and tear, and one that doesn’t open could be a result of an array of reasons. Explore these reasons so that you know when to call an expert to repair jammed garage panel doors.

1. There are blockages

The garage door tracks might be blocked if the door opens, closes partway, and reverses. If the door tries to close but it goes back up, the problem could be obstructions in the safety sensors. You can first clean the safety sensors so that you get rid of anything that is blocking the sensors. Then remove any obstacles in the way of safety sensors. Also, make sure that you remove things that could be hanging from the garage door’s bottom.

2. Your photo eye is blocked

Most garage doors that were designed and installed two decades ago have a photo eye that detects objects or people that are preventing the garage door from opening all the way. The photo eye shoots a laser across the garage. If the laser is interrupted, it cuts off the signal that lowers and raises the garage door. Therefore, you need to check if the cord is damaged or cut if your garage door fails to open or close. Dust and dirt also block the photo eye as well as the laser beam; thus, cleaning it could solve the problem.

3. The transmitter batteries are dead

Fixing the car garage doorMost people don’t think about their batteries when the garage door fails to open. You first need to check the batteries in the remote transmitter before you call a technician to fix it. You can determine whether the batteries are dead. Try opening the garage door when the transmitter is on the wall. If it works, then your cells are dead. Otherwise, you may have to call an expert to fix the problem, which could be reprogramming the transmitter.

4. Your springs are broken

If your garage door fails to open yet power is getting to the motor, and the transmitters are functioning well, then the springs are broken. You will probably hear a loud bang from your garage if you are at home when the springs break. You need a professional to replace the broken tension springs.

You don’t have to be stranded now that you know some of the reasons why your garage door won’t open. The best part is that the issues can easily be fixed as long as you act quickly. Make sure that you hire an experienced professional to repair or replace the faulty garage door parts.

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