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New Home, New School: Moving Successfully During the School Year

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Moving is always a stressful event, and it becomes even more challenging when you have children to take with you. However, make that amount of stress double when you have to move right in the middle of the school year.

Not only will the amount of paperwork you do increase, especially if you’re moving overseas, but you’ll also have to guide your children both emotionally and mentally as they transition into this new chapter in their lives.

You need to help them get ready to say goodbye to their old friends and adjust to their new environment. Before you start packing and inquiring about international removalists here in Sydney, here are the things you should do to help your children prepare for the move:

Gather everyone in the family to discuss your situation

It’s imperative to get your children involved, as your upcoming move is something that will affect their lives as well. No matter the age of your children, whether they are grade schoolers or teenagers, they need enough time to process their feelings regarding changing schools.

If they are highly active in school and are involved in a number of extracurricular activities, you wouldn’t want to suddenly spring the move on them right at the very last minute. Expect some form of resistance from your children, especially if you are relocating to an entirely different country.

While this may be a normal reaction, it is vital to make them feel that they can easily approach you should they have any questions about the move.

Do thorough research of all the schools in your new neighbourhood

A few months before your move, start researching all the schools you are interested in near your soon-to-be new address. If the logistics allow it, you can even do a tour of every school as well. Once you have decided on which new school to send your children to, moving will feel a lot less daunting.

While you are touring the schools, make sure to inquire about available after-school activities you think will excite our children.

Take your children with you on a tour of their new school before their first day

Dad with daughter on her first day in a new school

Talk to the school authorities and ask if you can take your children on a tour of the school before they start. This is highly important if your children show signs of anxiety regarding the move. Show their new classroom, take them on a walk around the school campus so they can see all the facilities, and, if possible, introduce them to their new teachers.

Doing so will help them be more familiar with the new environment and lessen the amount of fear and anxiety they may have, which is common during the first day of school.

Finally, do not forget to inform the schools about the transfer and provide them with all the necessary documents, such as official transcripts, educational materials, medical records, and health history, among others.

Secure copies of their report cards, standardised test scores, letters of recommendations from their previous school, and even a record of the extracurricular activities they have participated in. Then consider hosting a goodbye party for your children and their old friends and classmates.

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