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3 Great Benefits of Keeping Your Carpets in Great Shape

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Many people fail to appreciate the value of keeping their carpets and rugs in great shape and miss out many great benefits. Keeping these floor adornments in great shape saves you money while keeping your home safe and clean.

Scattering a few rugs and carpets on your floors does more than improving the appearance of your home, notes one of the leading carpet cleaning services in London. It also has the benefits of providing you with a soft and cosy feel underfoot to protect your feet from the hard-cold floors. Carpets and rugs provide you with a soft surface that is good for your feet, ankles, knees, and hip joint.

Other than keeping your feet safe and comfortable, adorning your floors with carpets and rugs come with a boatload of benefits. Keeping these adornments in excellent condition only serves to double these offerings.

1. Improve air quality

In addition to attesting to your chic sense of style, rugs go a long way in improving the quality of air indoors. It might seem strange, but your carpet forms a three-dimensional dust and allergen trap. The pile on the carpet traps particulate matters to keep them from circulating in the room with the air movement. Due to the dense packing of the carpet fabrics, walking across the carpet won’t cause the dust to drift up into the air.

Poor indoor air quality as a result of fine dust particles puts your family at risk of respiratory diseases. With the carpet serving as a dust trap, you can lower the amount of dust circulating in the house. Regular vacuuming removes the dirt from the carpet and away from your living space.

2. Improve the lifespan

Closeup photo of a fluffy carpetThere’s no denying that good rugs and carpets carry an expensive price tag that can often border on unaffordable. If you’re going to shell a small fortune for your carpet, it will require you to take care of it. With proper care and usage, you can have your carpet live out its life expectancy. Of course, that depends on the quality of the rugs you buy. Inexpensive, low-grade carpets can serve you for up to five years, while you can get up to 15 years from medium-grade rugs. Top of the range carpets will last anywhere between 15 and 25 years with proper care and maintenance.

3. Improve the appearance

As mentioned earlier, carpets serve as dust traps in the home, keeping your indoor air clean and dust-free. What you might not know is that dust causes lots of damage to carpets. Dust particles grate against the carpet yarn, scratching the fibres which dulls the lustre of your once vibrant and colourful rugs.

Failing to vacuum out the dust causes it to sink deeper into the carpet’s backing, scraping away the fibres and wearing them out. Vacuum high-traffic and busy areas, such as entrances, at least twice a week and the other areas at least weekly. If you have pets, establish a daily vacuuming up to eliminate hair, dust, and other allergens.

Regular vacuuming keeps the rugs and carpets in the home in excellent shape, which lets you harness all the benefits they have to offer. Having a professional clean your carpets at least once a year keeps them in great shape and increase their lifespan.

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